Asia is unique. Cheerful. Bold. Cheeky. Tender. A girl who has deeply engraved herself into our hearts and who never fails to make us laugh. Always greeting us with her charming smile. Truly one of a kind.

FUCOHereditarily clear
PRA-CORD1Hereditarily clear
TITLESSlovenian Junior Champion, Alpe Adria Winner 2020


Mountjoy Qareful Qonrad
CH Mountjoy Scurry SimonCH Hornötorpets Chocolate Dream
CH Glamorly Ginnie The PoohCH Glamorly Golden DaydreamsCH Goldmoore’s Gold Dreamer
CH Trimere Totally Devine
CH Forest Fruit From Tamaam To Beresford
CH Nasturcja TamaamCH Beresford Wild West HeroCH Beresford Guilty Pleasures
CH Illumination TamaamCH Beresford Special Delivery
CH Ginger Rogers Tamaam


BOS: 1x (Zwolle NL 2020)
CAC: 1x (Zwolle NL 2020)
JBOB: 5x (Sempeter SLO 2020; Sempeter SLO 2020; Vrtojba SLO 2020; Vrtojba SLO 2020; Zwolle NL 2020)
JCAC: 5x (Sempeter SLO 2020; Sempeter SLO 2020; Vrtojba SLO 2020; Vrtojba SLO 2020; Zwolle NL 2020)
BPIB: 3x (Genk BE 2020; Groningen NL 2020; Groningen NL 2020)
BBIB: 2x (Gorinchem NL 2019; Eindhoven NL 2020)


Tenderness Tamaam x Timanka’s Expensive Money, 07-10-2021, 4 girls & 2 boys
Tenderness Tamaam x Favours Daredevil, 01-12-2023, 3 girls & 2 boys

Asia 16 months old.
First snow for Asia – so much fun!
Asia – 16 months old.
Asia 12 months old.
Asia, 12 months old
Asia, 12 months old
Asia prefers to spend her days in her pool
Asia with Debby in Slovenia during COVID-19 times, where she debuted in the junior class and became Slovenian Junior Champion, 4x JBOB, and Alpe Adria Winner 2020
Asia honouring her name: Tenderness Tamaam
Asia, 9 months old
Asia, 11 months old
Asia, 11 months old
Asia, 9 months old
Asia, 7 months old
Asia, 6 months old, going two times Best Puppy In Breed at 2x CACIB Groningen
Asia, 4 months old
Asia, 4 months old, at her show debut at the Dutch Winner show 2020, where she went Best Baby In Breed
Asia, 3.5 months old
Asia, 3.5 months old
Asia, 3 months old
Asia, 12 weeks old
Asia, 10 weeks old