About Us

We are Joop, Els and Debby de Graaf. We live in Wapenveld, the Netherlands, together with our dogs, horses and chickens. We have always had dogs in our lives and before we got our first English Springer Spaniel in 1999, we used to have English Cocker Spaniels. We started breeding in 2011, and slowly found our way around the world of the English Springer Spaniels. We were met with many ups and downs, our fair share of heartbreak, but also so much joy and love.

Our home in Wapenveld.

In 2016 we decided that we wanted to start a new chapter – create our own bloodline of Springers who are true to type, happy and healthy. This was when we decided to import Flynn (Crackerjanne Court Favour) from the United Kingdom. We are forever grateful to his breeder, Celia Woodbridge, for giving us this opportunity. Flynn changed something for us, and fueled our ambitions. In 2018 we imported Lyndi (Barecho Hallelujah Moment) from Sweden. Almost a year later we had the opportunity to bring Cosby (Barecho Choose Me Or Lose Me) to the Netherlands as well. We cannot thank their breeders, Helene & David Björkman and Jenny Andersson, enough, for all they have done for us an for trusting us with two very special dogs. At around the same time when we brought Cosby to the Netherlands, we got Bibi (Sense And Sensibility Tamaam) from Poland. She was Debby’s long awaited own dog. End of 2019 we also imported Asia (Tenderness Tamaam), in co-ownership with her breeder Agnieszka Banaszak-Kulka. We cannot thank her enough for embarking on this adventure with us.
With Flynn, Cosby, Lyndi, Bibi and Asia, we are looking ahead at what hopefully will be a bright future.

The dogs are an important part of our family and our every day life. We like to go on long walks across the Veluwe and we always take at least two dogs with us on holidays. Whether this is France, Austria, Italy or Sweden, we always find a spot where the dogs are allowed to have a lovely holiday as well.
In 2011 Joop and Els started breeding Springers, but slowly Debby became part of it as well. We are very active within the breed and always working on our vision and our plans. One of the three of us is always at home when the others go on holidays. We have a big garden around the house were the dogs can play and race around as much as they like.

Our aim is to breed healthy, happy English Springers Spaniels who are true to standard, and make sure they find their right forever homes. Breeding is our hobby, and we generally breed two litters a year. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Mother nature has her own way of planning things sometimes.
We care deeply about the wellbeing of our dogs and our puppies. This starts with meeting potential puppy owners up front, giving updates about the pregnancy and birth, but also staying in touch and providing information and answers after the puppies have moved to their new owners. We would like to stay in touch throughout the puppies’ lives and offer a free first groom as well.

We breed show Springers. All puppies will be vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, and come with a pedigree, DNA profile, bag of food and an European pet passport. Our puppies are born in our living room and stay there until they move to their new owners.

Points of attention towards potential puppy owners are:
– homely environment
– preferably a home on the ground floor
– space for walking around or near to the house
– combination of alone time of the dog and work schedule of the owners

We are members of the English Springer Spaniel Club Nederland (ESSCN). Our kennel is registered with the Dutch Kennel Club (Raad van Beheer) and the FCI.