3 boys were born on 18-01-2021.

Cosby “C.I.E., SE U(U)CH, SLO CH, JWW-18, BEW-19, AW-19 Barecho Choose Me Or Lose Me”.

Lyndi “SLO CH, NL JCH, BE JCH, AJW-19 Barecho Hallelujah Moment”.


Favours A Chance At Love“Benny”boy
Favours A Star Is Born“Guinness”boy
Favours A Miracle To Behold“Skip”boy


CH Lordsett White Track Back To Linmoor
CH Cloette’s Splendid SurpriceLinmoor Above The Rest
CH Barecho Choose Me Or Lose MeCH Barecho Party In My HeadCH Linmoor Zimply Zalient
CH Barecho Fly Me To The Moon
CH Westaway Good News
CH Barecho Hallelujah MomentCH Westaway Stop PressWestaway Best Foot Forward
CH Barecho U Must Be The OneCH Cloette’s Splendid Surprice
CH Barecho Either With Or Without You


Skip @ 8 weeks old.
Benny @ 8 weeks old.
Guinness @ 8 weeks old.
Favours A Star Is Born @ 5 weeks.
Favours A Miracle To Behold @ 5 weeks.
Favours A Chance At Love @ 5 weeks.
5 weeks old.
Four weeks old.
Three weeks old.