Asia and Dempsey’s puppies were born! Three girls (black/white & black/white/tan) and two boys (black/white & liver/white), all very chunky. Both mother and puppies are doing fantastic! Look at current litters for more information.
We are also planning a litter for late winter with Bling and Spencer, and a litter for spring with Grace and Kingsley.

We have a two year old boy looking for his new family. Please get in touch if you would like to know more / are interested.

SSRK show in Rättvik with great results for King, who has just started his show career.
Excellent 1 of 5 with CK in junior class and he ended up going Best Male – 4!

We got confirmation of what we were already thinking, Asia is pregnant! We are expecting her and Dempsey’s puppies in week 48.

Annual eye test for Grace, all CLEAR! We are planning her first litter for spring 2024. More information will be announced later on, on the planned litters page. Please get in touch when you are interested in a puppy from Grace.

Annual eye test for Spencer, all CLEAR!

Great news! Annual eye test for Asia and the first eye test for Dempsey.
Dempsey ECVO CLEAR & Gonio CLEAR!

Great news from Laboklin, with six more DAMS test results.
Dempsey “Favours Daredevil”: DAMS CLEAR
Spencer “CH Barecho Show Must Go On”: DAMS CLEAR
Lyndi “CH Barecho Hallelujah Moment”: DAMS CLEAR
Bibi “CH Sense And Sensibility Tamaam”: DAMS CLEAR
Asia “JCH Tenderness Tamaam”: DAMS CLEAR
King “About A Boy Tamaam”: DAMS CLEAR
This means that our B and D litter are clear by parents and none of our litters can have any affected puppies!

First DAMS result came back from Laboklin.
Flynn “CH Crackerjanne Court Favour”: DAMS CLEAR!

We still have two wonderful boys looking for their families. Emmett (liver/white/tan born 28-03-2023) and Fernando (liver/white born 16-04-2023) are checked healthy by the vet and are ready to move. Please get in touch when you are interested or would like to know more.

Puppy update: we still have several boys and one girl looking for their families!
Please get in touch when you are interested or would like to know more.

Dempsey’s HD results came back and they couldn’t be better! He has HD A with the highest possible Norberg score of 40!

We have a brand new International Show Champion! In Belgium Spencer won went best male with CAC and CACIB -> CIE!

We still have several boys from both Bibi’s and Bliss’ litters looking for their families. We also have one girl available from Bibi and Milton. Feel free to contact us for more information.

SSRK Sunne with fantastic results for Spencer: 1ex CK CH class -> best male -1 with CERT & Best Of Breed! He is a brand new Swedish Show Champion!

We have four boys from Bliss and Spencer looking for their forever homes, three liver/white, one liver/white/tan. They are now 10 weeks old and ready to move to their new families. They are all up to date on vaccinations and deworming, microchipped, checked by the vet and insured against hidden faults with Agria.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested in one of them!
We also have some of Bibi and Milton’s puppies looking for their perfect homes, some might be available for show homes.

The puppies from Bibi and Milton were born! We have five boys and five girls, all liver/white.

The puppies from Spencer and Bliss were born! We have five boys and two girls, in all colours.

Bibi has been confirmed pregnant! We are expecting her puppies in the middle of April.

Bliss has been confirmed pregnant! We are expecting her and Spencer’s puppies in week 13. Feel free to contact us if you are seriously interested in a puppy from this combination.

We welcome Lola “Euphoria Tamaam” (Petit Brabancon) and Kingsley “About A Boy Tamaam” (ESS) to our family! A big thank you to their breeder Agnieszka (kennel Tamaam).

Bibi has been on a Valentine’s Day date in Denmark. If all goes well we are expecting her puppies in week 16. More information will follow once the pregnancy has been confirmed.

We have mated one of the girls! If all goes well we are expecting our first litter in Sweden in week 13. More information will follow later on.

SSRK show in Kumla with great results!
Dempsey: exc 1/4 with CK in junior -> best male -4 with R-CERT!
Demi: exc 4/9 in junior
Lyndi: exc 3 CK
Spencer: exc

Happy New Year! We are slowly getting settled in Sweden and will update our website with planned litters soon.